EDGAR Filing: Law Firms

We can help your clients with their reporting requirements, whether they are foreign issuers, domestic issuers or individuals who have to file ownership reports.


  1. Submit documents to us in either Microsoft Word, or Adobe PDF format.
  2. We begin the conversion from those formats into SEC compliant HTML.
  3. We let all respective parties involved, as listed in the email, to view the proof.
  4. Make any necessary changes, update proof, and email all respective parties.
  5. Wait for verbal or email authorization to go ahead with the filing.
  6. File the document with the SEC's EDGAR system.
  7. Forward the SEC's acceptance to all respective parties.


We can file amendments on your clients behalf, and are fully versed in the SEC's redline/blackline requirements, so that SEC reviewers do not need to contact you asking for the correct correspondance that should be associated with such filings. Response letters from your law firm to the SEC reviewer, or explainatory notes in the body of the the document being filed and correct redlining is something we always keep in mind with amendments.


We can either invoice your law firm directly, or invoice the company directly. We offer flexiblity for your clients with a number of payment options, even payments via credit card or with Paypal.


All communications is kept private, along with security in the sharing of any documents. If you have any concerns, we can sign non-disclosure agreements, and/or deal with encrypted documents.


We take reliability in our EDGAR conversion and filing process very seriously with backup systems, co-locations for conversion/filings, secure and dedicated servers to meet your data access concerns, so that the filing gets done when you want it, regardless of power outages, computer failures, internet connection interruptions, etc.