EDGAR Filing Services

Avantafile provides an easy process in getting your EDGAR filings done in a timely and efficient manner. If your concerns are cost, Avantafile offers some of the lowest pricing in the industry.

With our many years of filing experience, we have what it takes to convert, check, and file your documents, while meeting the required SEC deadlines. We will provide practical advice in making sure that some of the basic SEC requirements are being met.


Avantafile will easily deal with your documents supporting Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), and Adobe PDF formats to produce the SEC compliant HTML format. All documents can be sent back to you for proofing, and final approval. There are no fees for changes, and working with your lawyer, accountants, and company directors/personnel to effective changes is acceptable. We will file only when you have given authorization to do so, via phone or email and after every filing we will send the SEC acceptance to you via email.

Templates / Document Management

We can provide templates for 6K's (includes: cover page, exhibit list, and signature page), Notification of Late Filings (12b25's), and other documents. Every document you submit to us, can be stored on our server, and accessed through your account. Allowing your team to see what documents have been submitted, and see what changes are on going. This service is also useful if you need to access your original documents from different locations, for example when you are traveling.

Submit your Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel), and/or Adobe PDF's.
And we will provide an SEC compliant HTML proof for you to review.
After your review, and authorization, we will file the document with the SEC. After receiving the SEC acceptance, we will forward it to all respective parties listed in the your email.