EDGAR Filing: Companies

We can help you meet your regulatory reporting requirements with the SEC.


Depending on the filing, getting documents to us, can be in Microsoft Word, and/or PDF formats. After conversion to SEC compliant HTML, we send the document to you for your review. If everything is to your satisfaction, we will proceed to file the document with the SEC after your verbal or email authorization. After receiving the SEC filing acceptance, we will forward it to all respective parties listed in the email. We have a very extensive check list before each filing, to make sure that it filed correctly.

Templates / Document Management

We can provide templates for 6K's (includes: cover page, exhibit list, and signature page), Notification of Late Filings (12b25's), and other documents. Every document you submit to us, can be stored on our server, and accessed through your account. Allowing your team to see what documents have been submitted, and see what changes are on going. This service is also useful if you need to access your original documents from different locations, for example when you are traveling.

Security / Reliability

We can meet you privacy and security concerns until the filing. Filing at specific moments to match press releases, or internal company deadlines. We take reliability in our EDGAR conversion and filing process very seriously with backup systems, co-locations for conversion/filings, secure and dedicated servers to meet your data access concerns, so that the filing gets done when you want it, regardless of power outages, computer failures, internet connection interruptions, etc.

Payment Options

We offer flexible payment options with 30 day terms, accepting payments either via Checks/Cheques, Credit Cards, Direct Deposit, Wire-transfers, or Paypal. We also offer flexibility in helping you pay any government fees, with Direct Deposit, Wire-transfers, Money Rrders, and Checks/Cheques. All our invoices are convienenently mailed as PDF's.